Amitabha Buddhist Library - Grand Opening

The first Buddhist library in the mid-west of US, Amitabha Buddhist Library in Chicago, located in Lisle, IL was opened on May 24, 2003. This library, with a collection of a few thousands of Buddhist items including Sutras, articles, and audio/visual media items, offers services to the greater Chicago area Buddhists, researchers, and residents in all ages who are interested in learning Buddhism or Buddhist Education.

Close to 200 participants attended the Grand Opening Ceremony; there were representatives from local municipalities and public libraries, reputable academic institutes, and chambers of commerce to deliver their congratulations to the opening of this library. The most noticeable one was that almost all regional Buddhist organizations were represented and that there were participants from other religions as well, for example, Christians, and Muslims — this adequately reflects the support of the libraryˇ¦s ultimate objective, to enhance and promote the peace and harmony of all beings.

Front view of the library

Guests were signing in. 

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