Once Again! – We CANNOT Recycle Dharma Items

The library has a limited number of volunteers and cannot provide recycling services for used sutras, books, audio/video media, or other Dharma items. We ask you to please respect this announcement. We also ask that you respect and appreciate the volunteers for their hard work and dedication in serving the library and the public.
Despite the library's previous announcements that WE DO NOT RECYCLE USED BOOKS AND DHARMA ITEMS and the earnest request that people not bring these items to the library, many people continue to leave items at or even mail them to the Library. This creates problems that are beyond the library's abilities to handle.

Again, we ask that you respect the volunteers and the library. If you have used items, please respectfully re-circulate them yourself. DO NOT leave them at or send them to the library and cause extra work for our busy volunteers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Amituofo!