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Title Date
Li-Su L. Tan "Light of Dharma Treasure—Collation, Preservation, Research, and Promotion of Tripitaka"

Article submitted to and published by the Second World Buddhist Forum
Translated by Amitabha Buddhist Library translation team

March 28, 2009
Li-Su L. Tan Essay — "Building a Harmonious World Starts From Our Mind"

Article submitted to and published by the First World Buddhist Forum
Translated by Amitabha Buddhist Library translation team

April 13, 2006


The following lists the class materials used in the Introduction to Buddhism lecture series which contains 11 subjects and 19 sessions. (Some subjects are spanned across more than one session.)

The classes have been offered for free repeatedly every year since 2004. The materials of these classes have been revised/enriched every year as well. At this page, only the most recent versions of the class materials are shown.

Also, all the sessions for year 2004 and 2005 were audio recorded. Audio CDs are available. Due to file space consideration, they are available only by request. Readers can also check out the CDs from the library. Duplicating the CDs is allowed provided that the contents are unaltered. Readers who are interested in having the audio CDs made for them feel free contact the library, please.

Introduction to Buddhism - An Art of Living
Speaker: Mr. Bert T. Tan
Consultants: Venerable Wu Ling, and Mrs. Li-Su L. Tan
1. The Basics
2. The Three Refuges, the Four Reliance Principles, and the Dharma Seals
3. The Four Noble Truths
4. The Twelve Links in the Chain of Causation
5. The Noble Eightfold Path
6. The Three Virtuous Conditions
7. The Six Principles of Living in Harmony
8. The Three Curriculums of Cultivation
9. The Six Prajna Paramitas: Bodhisattva's Cultivation
10. The Samatabhadra Bodhisattva's Ten Great Vows: To Attain Buddha-hood
11. The Pure Land School

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