Amitabha Buddhist Library Collections

At our new center, in addition to the chanting room, there is a more than 2,000-square-feet area for library use. It contains two sets of the Qianlong Great Buddhist Canon; one set of the Buddhist Canon; many Buddhist dictionaries compiled by different people; books written by patriarchs; and hundreds of CDs and DVDs of Buddhist sutras in Chinese. There is also a selection of Dharma materials in English, Vietnamese, and other languages. Additionally, there are books on moral education tailored for children. These include poems from Tang dynasty in classical Chinese, the Four Books and Shi-Jin in modern Chinese, and Dizigui in both classical and modern Chinese. There are also Buddhism books compiled for children.

Some library materials are available for in-library reading, while others are for free distribution.

For now, the collections are maintained only in MS Excel files. For your reference, you can download the lists of items for free distribution.